Possessing Everything

It is so easy for me to look around and notice all of the things I don’t have. There are things that I think I need or maybe just things I want or things that would make my life easier or more comfortable and enjoyable. But what things do I really need or what things should I really want?

Let’s think about those “things” for a minute. We work hard to earn money to buy the things that we feel we need or want. Maybe, while we are working extra hard, we are neglecting our family and or our time with God. Maybe, to get ahead and get that raise, we make moral compromises. Maybe, we put others down to lift ourselves up to get to the top of the ladder of success. Whatever it may be that we do to acquire the means to get what we think we want or need, we must ask ourselves, “Is it really worth it?”

All of those things that we think we want or need will someday end up in a junk pile or in a storage bin in someone’s attic. There are some things that are essential in this life such as food, water, clothes, and shelter. I have all of those things. But there are things that we can possess that are even more essential than these. They are things that will never perish and yet we can’t see them. They are eternal things.

2 Corinthians 6:10 talks about being poor and yet making many rich and having nothing and yet possessing everything. How can we be poor and yet make others rich? How can we have nothing and yet possess everything? We can be poor in material things (those things that will end up in a junk pile or attic someday) and yet make many rich by giving of ourselves; giving freely of that which God has given us. What does that look like?  It looks like giving love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. We can have nothing (those things we think we need or want) and yet possess everything. Everything such as what Jesus was talking about when He told Martha that when Mary had chosen to sit at His feet and listen to Him speak, instead of work with her, she was choosing something better and something that would never be taken away from her. He said that few things are needed-or indeed only one (Luke 10:41-42). Mary was possessing everything.

Who are you making rich with all that God has given you today? Do you possess everything? Are you choosing time with God? Are you listening to what He is speaking to you in His word? Are you investing in the things that can never be taken from you or are you investing in the junk pile or attic space? Choose wisely!

~Patrice Maguire


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