The Journey Begins




Good morning! I’m so glad you’ve joined me.

I thought I’d start by introducing myself. My name is Patrice Maguire. I’m a wife and a mother of three adult men. My husband and I live in Zachary, Louisiana. We have lived here for nearly two years. Two of my sons live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and my youngest son is in the United States Marine Corps and is currently deployed overseas. My husband and I are both Marine Corps veterans. We have two pets; a cat named Miela and a dog named Autumn. I am active in my local church. I’ve been a member of Bible Study Fellowship for more than ten years and a group leader there for five. I have recently written my first children’s book, ‘The Many Fears of Miela the Cat.’ Available now on and HaHa, I just had to get that in there. You will be getting to know me a lot better as we journey together. I hope to get to know you as well.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you the things that God is showing me about myself, or perhaps others, in different situations and circumstances. The reason I named this blog Higher Perspective is that the Lord has a way of taking a situation and allowing me to see it from a spiritual perspective or His perspective. I’m always amazed when He does it. But mostly I’m thankful that He is changing the way I see things and allowing me to see things through His eyes. I hope that together we will begin to see things more clearly.

I must warn you that I’m not an English major. So to all of you who are, I apologize ahead of time for my grammatical mistakes. I am a writer but I’m not an editor. I pay someone for that. I encourage you all to join in on the conversation and post your comments. Everyone’s voice matters. I’m excited to hear from you all.

God bless!


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